Best Inversion Tables 2020 : Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Tired of trying out remedies for the back pain? You may test out several techniques, medications, sedatives, and treatments but they all provide temporary relief. The very best and the very best way to eliminate back pain is regular exercise, proper postures and taking good care of your spine.What if we tell you that we’ve found the permanent cure for your back pain? One-stop solution for your back problems is here! Tested and tried out from the top therapists with miraculous results, inversion tables will be the fast track solution to your back pain issues.

Although medical professionals often doubt the authenticity of inversion tables, but by far these have been reported that an effective method to eliminate severe ache in the neck or back. According to a number of studies that were done to check the reliability of these tables, the consumers have been quite satisfied with the results.But to enjoy long term benefits, one needs to be certain he is using the inversion table on a regular basis. You can’t just use it for a week at a stretch and anticipate your spinal problems to be gone.

Best Inversion Tables 2020

Teeter EP-960 LTD

You May Not see this Merchandise on tv, since this is the real thing! Using its exceptionally well-engineered layout, Teeter EP-960 LTD is certain to free you in the shackles of your annoyance .

Together with the Teeter, ep-960 LTD relaxation is ensured. It is exceptional and well-crafted layout makes it a durable and durable choice to be considered. But, it’s crucial to consider the benefits and pitfalls of a product before investing your hard earned cash on anything.

9Invertio Premium Folding

Having a height modification of Between 4’10” and 6’6″ tall and with 26 different height alterations, the Invertio Premium is a very comfortable inversion table to the usage. It includes premium ankle supports which enable eight unique places, a simple-release system, extra-long handrails and of course a 3-position pivot joint that controls rotation rate. What is more, in addition, it includes a comfy, big backrest and cushioned head, an additional pillow for lower back support, cushioned handrails along with a strength restricting high-tensile strap which controls its own rotation rate.

Innova ITM5900 Massage Inversion Therapy Table

Innova ITM5900 rank next in our list of greatest inversion Tables due to its tonnes of cool new features such as an innovative multi-mode warmth massager plus a 2-way modification system for its adjustable headrest, and flexible height attributes make it a special experience for every one of its client.
Its also offers a committed cum incorporated lumbar pad service that offers additional comfort to reduce back and also the place close to your waist.
A 5 standing snare angle security slot machine system a patented technologies by Innova fitness and health developed for safer and positioning inversion.

An individual having a nearly weight capability of 300lb and a elevation normally upto 4 feet 10 Inch to 6 feet 6 inch can accommodate within this high performance inversion table.
Innova ITM5900 enhanced ergonomic shoulder holding system together with a huge front holding system help elevate the strain inverted toward ankle to provide user intense relaxation.

Invertio Inversion Table

Invertio is solidly constructed to Provide maximum relaxation.
Using its high cushioned eight degree adjustable shoulder lock, helps keep your system steady even in an entire 180-degree inversion.
Its tubular all steel body provides maximum durability to this item and ease of usage.

Ironman LX300 Inversion Table

Ironman LX300 is an Affordable option to this Ironman GRAVITY 1000 or the Innova ITX9700.
Sturdy and well constructed with foam cushioned handrails deliver maximum traction with comfort. It’s a reasonable solution for many of your spine issues.
It’s an easy entry table table for inversion therapy that helps as well as any additional table for inversion treatment on the marketplace at any given price range.
It’s affordable and the ideal option for novices and long-term customers equally.

2Ironman Gravity 4000

The Gravity 4000 inversion Table by Ironman is just one designed with a tubular yet durable steel frame which includes a scratch resistant powder coated finish. It’s distinguished by non-skid hard rubber flooring stabilizers, a lasting and comfy nylon backrest; extra-long foam coated steel grips, ankle cushions (ergonomically-molded) to not mention three several alterations which steer the inversion angles. What is more, it includes a height adjustment supply extending to 6’6″, security tether straps which are simple to permit optimum inversion angles, security covers (vinyl-made) for hand and finger protection, and of course a durable ankle locking spring-loaded system.

EXERPEUTIC Inversion Table with AIRSOFT NO PINCH Ankle Holders

If the purpose of an inversion table is to Decrease the Pressure of the effect of gravity on the body, then it is very important to feel comfortable and protected while you are upside down. How do you reduce stress on your spine if you are stressed from anxiety about falling on your mind? Fortunately, that the Exerpeutic Inversion Table takes safety to the maximum level with the big and comfy AIRSOFT holder shoulder straps.

Unlike many inversion tables, this SURELOCK and AIRSOFT table has additional security when you are inverted. The SURELOCK shoulder locking method utilizes two palm-activated flexible ratchet-tooth locks to secure your toes in place prior to going upside down. Moreover, the AIRSOFT locking system covered the initial SURELOCK ratchet locks using air-tight cushioning to cover large parts of your knees and leg to get a firm grip. It is more secure and more comfortable.

Besides this Additional safety of the version, The inversion table also includes a detachable lumbar pillow, complete loop handlebars, 165-degree inversion, along with a flexible back crossbar with three inversion positions.

Buying Guide

Seeing how These tables are made to ease a lot more grievances than just back pain, the very first thing that you wish to search for in an inversion table is flexibility. Therefore, these tables should help you alleviate back pain, joint problems, and a slew of other muscle issues. Given their structure, these tables may also be employed to target the origin of particular pains throughout the entire body, be them surface issues.

Back Pain Relief

Like we Said, a fantastic inversion table ought to cope with back pain as economically as you can, preferably without causing any distress in the procedure. This type of table will alleviate back pain by enabling your muscles to decompress while extending your spine into a painless manner. What’s more, the usage of an inversion table must also allow you to realign your spine and relax tense muscles throughout your body.

Anxiety Relief

Those of you Who work hours ought to know already how stressful muscle aches can be. In addition to muscles and joint pains, spasms can create a good deal of problems for anybody who does not address them when they surface. To protect against a backbone misalignment, an individual can use an inversion table to excite the nerves, the circulatory system, and to raise oxygen levels within the blood vessels.

Boosting Joint Health

An excellent Inversion table is one which enhances joint health by altering the pressure points within the joint to get a more well-defined joint arrangement. This has the intent of carrying off the weight the cartilage type of talk, in order to increase shock absorption over the muscle . Now there are quite a few exercises and curative techniques you may undertake to attain this target, all which meant to reduce nerve pressure and increase your overall well being.


You need an Inversion table which could elongate your muscles, decompress your muscles, and also enhance their overall flexibility without causing you too much pressure from the procedure. A fantastic method to ensure that is to be certain any inversion table you think about purchasing could be substituted for a more varied set of exercises. These exercises should be simple to do, in order to keep you engaged and portable constantly.

Weight Capacity

You Should not even look at an inversion table which does not at least have a 250 lbs weight capacity. As an alternative, you may start looking for one which can accommodate your own weight in the least, and it is also a fantastic indicator of the general sturdiness you may anticipate. In reality, the larger the weight capability of an inversion table that the more probable it will offer a long-lasting durability for one to enjoy.

Height Restrict

It’s also Common for a few inversion tables to have a height limitation. Though not necessarily voiced on the packing, the most user height for the inversion table ought to be made evident by the general dimensions of the table as well as the attributes it comes outfitted with. A fantastic advice is to always test an inversion table prior to making a purchase, or to study reviews to ensure that it provides the ideal fit.


Although Inversion tables are not assumed to be used for comfort, there’s not any explanation as to why they should not feel comfortable and simple to use. For the most part, a fantastic inversion table includes cushioned legs and backrests together with additional padding in the mind and thoracic regions. In this aspect, let’s point out that high-end inversion tables nearly all share the exact same high standards of cushioning.


Given that the Wide selection of models available, it surely would not hurt to settle on a table that offers a more flexible assortment of uses. It’s typical for high quality inversion tables to boast re-adjustable parts, such as the beginning angle, angle, the height, along with the ankle support for use during a session. These alteration mechanisms must be extremely user friendly and they ought to always supply a tight match after being repositioned.


Last but not Least, an individual needs to also look at how big an inversion table before making a buy. If you don’t already have the room for this huge part, odds are that you’ll need to rethink your house gym overlay to some degree. Not to worry, however, because nearly all inversion tables like a foldable construction which makes them quite easy to carry and even easier to shop. All that remains is that you just take some opportunity to understand about the tiny differences between best-sellers and make a determination based on which sort of inversion table will best fit your requirements.

Bradley Smith’s Conclusion!

There are many options when it comes to inversion tables and They come in different rates. Some have additional features like heat and massage treatment for people who’d gain from these additional components during treatment.

Many inversion tables can be easily folded so you can keep them off when You aren’t using them. You should consider the height and weight capacities Of inversion tables prior to buying one because a few are more restricted than Others in regards to the weight and height they could support.

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